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Terms & Conditions




The following is a breakdown of the Registration Criteria for Top Model Latvia along with general notes of what applicants should expect during the registration process.

Top Model Latvia is licensed and monitored under Top Model Worldwide and Top Model UK.

  • Top Model Latvia is a professional model search competition and shows and has various commitments that finalists are required to adhere to.

  • All contestants must be Latviai citizens or have Latviai parents.

  • Top Model Latvia contestants must be born female (to enter the female category) and aged 18 years or over OR born male (to enter the male category) and aged 18 years or over on or before May 2024.

  • The winner of the Top model Latvia that will go forward to compete in the Top Model worldwide must be aged 18 years or over on or before May 2024.

  • The winner of Top Model Latvia 2024 must be able to attend the finals in London September 2024 and be available for their relevant Fittings & Rehearsals.

  • Top Model is a model search awards and not a beauty pageant. Full professional training, coaching and media support is provided with a professionally produced runway show finals. The non-refundable entry fee is €80, there are no other fees involved.

  • During the elimination process, a panel of industry professionals will regularly produce a short-list of the best contestants.

  • These best contestants will either be invited to attend an official Selection Panel interview OR be asked to provide further information. A short video clip of the Contestant and the Contestant walking may be requested at this stage of the decision making process OR the Contestant might be asked to provide further images OR be offered a place solely based on the Registation Form information.

  • The Top Model Latvia 2024 Finalists will be chosen from these short-listed contestants by a Selection Panel.

  • Finalists will be selected on a number of criteria, including strong overall potential, a good look and general presentation. There are four competition categories for Top Model 2024; Female Editorial (age 18 to 29) Female Commercial (age 30 to 40), Female (age 30-40).   Male Editorial (age 18 to 29), Male Commercial (age 30 to 42). We reserve the right to change, alter or replace or remove any categories without notice.

  • Selected Finalists are required to fundraise for a Charity partner of Top Model Latvia. A different charity will be chosen each year in a commitment on the part of Top Model Latvia to sew into the community. The fundraising can be done through one source or multiple sources and can be from individuals, professional organisations, companies, local businesses, groups of friends, family etc OR a Finalist can fund it themselves. 

  • There will be a winner from each category and these will be National titles From Top Model Latvia. There will be an overall winner age 18-29 chosen from these titles sections, regardless of the category you are competing in. This is to comply with the  Entry requirements of the Top Model Worldwide competition.  

  • Overall winner of Top Model Latvia will go forward to represent Latvia in the Top Model Worldwide event in London, the Winner will be responsible for processing their own visa registation, Top Model Latvia will give a letter of invitation to the London event and cover the standard visa registation fee.

  • All correspondence, meetings and discussions between contestants and Top Model Latvia is confidential and must not be disclosed or appear on social media or appear on any public/private platform.

  • The venue type is subject to sufficient registrations

  • Live finals are dependant on sufficient registrations

  • Judges decision is final and not open to contesting

  • Top Model Latvia are not responsible for any injuries, losses or expenses being a selected contestant for our competition. 

  • You will be disqualified if any of the rules of Top Model Latvia are broken. 

  • You are to advertise Top Model Latvia in a positive manner at all times and you will not be allowed to slander Top Model Latvia name, or any member of the Top Model Latvia team. 

  • You will receive valuable workshops and training by highly skilled professionals. Some of these workshops or events will be compulsory to attend as a or finalist. 

  • You need to act professional at all times. 

  • Contestants and parents are expected to behave in a professional manner and any interference, whatever the nature, shall not be tolerated. 

  • Contestants agree that they do not have the right to make any press releases whatsoever, without the consent of the organisers. 

  • Please take note any prizes and goodies your received during your journey with Top Model Latvia needs to be promoted on social-media from the sponsorship and relevant brands and companies needs to be tagged-in 

  • Entry fees are non-refundable should the grand finale or workshop be cancelled or postponed due to the following reasons/factors, which may include but are not limited to, - fire, flood, lightning, severe weather, strike, labour disputes, act of God, war, riot, civil actions, malicious damages, state of emergency declared by the government and/or the president of Latvia, worldwide or local disease outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics, diseases, any regulations on mass gatherings/social distancing, venue regulations and operations, change in venues, any situations/factors beyond the control of Top Model Latvia, disqualification, own withdrawal, etc. 

  • All winners must attend any official media interviews and must get permission from Top Model Latvia to attend any interviews outside of Top Model Latvia organised interviews. This is for 12 months following your event final.

  • Top Model Latvia may use images of the winner(s) at all times. 

  • If the winner(s) conduct themselves in a manner not befitting the title, they will be 

  • disqualified and a suitable replacement will be selected. 

  • If the winner is disqualified or chooses to relinquish the title, all prizes, awards and cash value shall be returned in full to be given to the next choice of the judges. 

  • All prizes and awards are given at face value, there will be no exchange for a cash value in any circumstance. Should the overall winner not to travel to the London final for whatever reason there shall be no cash equivalent offered or claimed. 

  • You are responsible for your own belongings and personal security at all times and Top Model Latvia will not be responsible for any loss you may suffer by being a part of the Top Model Latvia event, Top Model Latvia will not provide security or people to mind you or your belongings at any stage of the 

  • All Rules and Requirements are subject to change without prior notice 

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