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Will you be our next Top Model?

Entry is now open for Top Model Latvia 2024

We believe that Outer beauty is a Gift and Inner beauty is an Accomplishment and it’s when both are working in tandem that big things happen. The journey through the competition will expose you to professional mentoring and training to bring out the best you can be. 


Top Model Latvia is a model search and fashion designer show case and competition. The aim of Top Model Latvia is to open opportunity’s for men and women that want to become fashion models. Our goal is to establish Top Model Latvia as the leading model search platform in the country and to give winning finalists exposure on the world platform.

This is an incredible opportunity to start a journey that has the prospects of transforming you into an international model. Many Top Model finalists and winners have signed with agencies, worked as professional models, been published internationally, travelled internationally and walked at London Fashion Week... in addition to the fabulous experience of being a Top Model Latvia finalist and part of the Top Model Worldwide family.

Big prize for the Courageous

The Top Model Latvia final has five categories; Female Editorial age 18-29, Female Commercial age 30-40, Male Editorial age 18-29 and Male Commercial age 30-42.


There will be one overall winner that goes forward to represent Latvia in the Top Model worldwide that will take place in London during London Fashion Week.

Top Model Latvia Catwalk

Top Model Latvia is licensed and monitored under Top Model Worldwide and  Top Model UK.

Stunning Venue


Top Model Worldwide London The prestigious Top Model fashion and model awards show finals will take place during London Fashion Week at the stunning luxurious Royal Horseguards Hotel in the heart of central London, close to Trafalgar Square, The Thames, Parliament and Covent Garden.

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Outer Beauty is a Gift , Inner Beauty is an Accomplishment 

The old comment that beauty is only skin deep is the basis for our development programme aimed at every person competing in Top Model Latvia. With the experience of many years in the fashion industry we have identified the same pitfalls that hold models back from achieving better results when it count, in a real way that will not only apply to your ability to be your best on the day but also in your personal life.

Coaching & Mentoring

To enter a modelling competition it is accepted that you need to have a unique look and we all have that, however few people realise that the outward look is only 20% of the scoresheet, there is a large focus in the inner expression of each contestant. Our development training will give you the key to unlock the inner you and give the tools to allow you to combine that with your outward look to present a complete person that can be mesmerising.


Preparing to compete many contestants will watch their diet, will exercise and pay attention to skin and hair, this is putting 100% energy into 20% return. With many years of involvement in the Fashion industry and competitions we have observed that when a model spends time developing their inner beauty to let it shine, they are very successful in their endeavour to become a Top Model.

The focus of our mentoring is the impact of understanding your true full value and the impact it has on your daily life, your ability build meaningful relationships and to unlock your true potential to achieve your goals because you know who you are.

We will cover the following areas

  • Mindset for growth

  • Building self confidence

  • Discover your mental strength

  • Learn to deal with uncertainty 

  • Overcoming anxiety on stage

  • Controlling emotions under pressure

  • Discover your inner spark

  • Communication skills 

  • Clarity and focus

  • Creating a routine that works for you

  • Finding your purpose 


There are many reasons that beauty alone will not be enough to succeed, in our Pre-Final mentoring our finalists will be coached in the areas that can hold you back from being successful in the fashion industry.

What is inner beauty?

Personality * Positive Mindset * Worldview * Public speaking * Spontaneous * Pro-Active * Helpful Mind * Kind & Compassionate * Down to earth / open to learn * Grateful / Thankful

Beauty Models

Many previous Top Model award winners and finalists have progressed to make full use of their life changing Top Model experiences. Many pursue successful careers in the model and fashion industries, and some return to compete a second time or work with our future finalists as a coach and mentor.

Smiling Friends

Outer Beauty is a Gift, Inner Beauty is an Accomplishment

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